The Daughters of Divine Hope is in the first stages of being founded as a community of consecrated religious life in the Catholic Church.  Under the guidance of Bishop Corrada in the Diocese of Tyler, Judge Sue Kennedy has discerned a call to found a community of women over 25 years old.  More information can be found at


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Doris Lepine said

    What kind of work will the sisters be doing? I also am a widow, 5 years now and am 61 years old. I have 2 married daughters and 3 grand children. How will your new community work with women who have decendants…. thanks, Doris

    • ddhope said

      I pray you are enjoying this Holy Season.
      The community rule is designed expecting that many members will have children and grandchildren. The apostolate of the sisters is first support of the Church thru prayer and support of the clergy. The more specific apostolates are yet to be discerned given the women will have likely a diverse spectrum of skills and formation and education. Indeed some maybe of prime working age and some maybe near into retirement.
      There is more information on the website
      If you have further questions you can contact
      Fr Gavin

  2. Nina Bell said

    A wonderful new area of Church development through the contribution of these dedicated mature women.
    They have so much to offer!
    May God Bless and guide them.

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